QuickCellar eBook

  • Are you a build-it-yourself type, not afraid to take on a big project?
  • Are you concerned about your family’s safety during severe weather or man-made disaster?
  • Do you want the peace of mind that a sturdy, long-lasting underground shelter would give you?

This book is for you!

David Bush is a 50 year veteran in the construction industry who brings his know-how and experience to every detail in this book. Bush will guide you through selecting materials, sighting, installing and outfitting your shelter. You’ll learn about converting a regular shipping container to comfortable living space. Whether you plan to use the shelter as a root cellar, storm shelter or bunker, this book provides instruction for building a sturdy, safe, long-lasting underground space. Bush provides tips for keeping the shelter hidden, and for remaining safe in the event of any kind of catastrophe.

Pick up a copy and get started today– you never know when a shelter like this could save your life.

Underground food storage!
Storm shelter!
Safety in any kind of disaster!

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  • Get your copy of David Bush’s QuickCellar eBook- your guide to building a Do-It-Yourself underground shelter. You’ll be glad you did.

    For your peace of mind, for your family’s safety.